The distribution of the water and nutrients in substrate is important to get even root distribution. Good nutrient availability for the roots is vital to get optimal quality and yield. Changing the EC is also a usefull tool in controlling the plant balance (How do I control my slab EC?).

In the Season Dynamics for each crop we suggest target levels for the EC for each of the critical periods. This is done for specific reasons in each period:

  • in long periods of low light levels it is better to run a higher EC to steer the plant in a generative way;
  • in high light levels with high transpiration levels it is best to run a lower EC to help uptake for transpiration.

Sometimes like with cucumbers for example a high uptake of nutrients in a low volume of substrate can cause low levels of some nutrients so irrigation is necessary to replace these. The volume of substrate used is a key factor (How much substrate do I use?).

Measure your slab in an organised way using a WET meter and set target EC objectives for the different periods.

“To control the EC to realize the potential of the slab in controlling the plant balance.”