Smart Root Zone Management

Smart Root Zone Management

These days we are facing great challenges… in the next 40 years we will have to produce more food than we have for  the last 10.000 years. Water is becoming increasingly scarce and will have to be used more efficiently. We also have to reduce the use of CO2. Cultilene focuses on providing innovative solutions that contribute to the optimization of water and energy input so as to enable growers improve the quality of their processes and to save on fertilizers, water and energy, and contribute to sustainable horticulture.

”Cultilene Cares” which is why we have developed Smart Root Zone Management. This model is made of three pillars to continuously optimize your crop by focusing on the root zone. This also relates to “The New Growing” which is to optimize production and minimize inputs.

The first pillar is the Framework. This is a detailed guide that turns a successful irrigation strategy from skill into technique. It gives you more control. By looking at each part of the substrate system you can define  your objectives in  the root zone, and helped in  achieving your target set-points, with day to day advice during the whole season. The Framework shows you how to get the best out of your Cultilene substrate.

The second pillar is Cultiwatch; a sensor platform to which your sensors can be connected. The WET meter, developed by Cultilene, provides data on  WC, EC and temperature. The SympHO2ny helps  you to understand what is going on with the pH in the root environment. By following the sensor platform you can continuously monitor the five crucial parameters in the root environment, or “The Big Five”, which enables you to adjust to changes much faster. This helps you to keep your plants balanced.

The last pillar is Our Team. Our growing specialists provide support to growers by making horizontal profiles which show the evenness of the water and EC distribution in the slab and around the glasshouse. They can also help you plan the crop to optimize your substrate system to improve this. Their detailed global knowledge and experience make them an interesting and valuable sparring partner in planning your substrate layout, strategy and to bring your production to a higher level. Our growing specialists have a lot of experience in horticulture and are involved in the planning and monitoring of trials for innovation and new products. They think as a grower and are a part of the industry which keeps them right at the forefront of development in theory and practice. Our growing specialists would be happy to join you and share our knowledge and experience to help you improve your results.